Guitarist and composer Bernhard Reinke has spent his whole life looking for ways to express in music what you feel and think. This adventure brought him to new musical influences through which he learned to use more and more musical 'colors'. This is how he ended up with rock, blues and pop in his early days in Groningen in the 70s. He played with Herman Brood, made with Harry 'Cuby' Muskee the album 'Love Vendetta' and with the group Phoney And The Hardcore the album 'Phoney Hits'.

From the 80s he started using jazz influences and became the bandleader of Transfusion and later Rollercoaster with which he played jazz rock and fusion. Seven albums of his own compositions were released.

On this new album "Love For Life," you can hear the broad palette of musical styles Bernhard Reinke uses: from solid rock to swinging blues, from spicy funk to melodic, atmospheric ballads. His music can have a fine, positive atmosphere, there is also intensity and drama. This record is made for the music lover who likes variety.

Bernhard gladly invites you to join him on a journey through the diverse atmospheres of 'Love For Life'.

Bernhard Reinke - compositions, arrangements, guitars and bass guitars

Léon Klaasse - drums on tracks 5, 9 and 14, claps on track 9, percussion on Tracks 5 and 9 and backing vocals on tracks 5 and 14

Peter Doppen - drums on tracks 2, 4 and 13

Mixed and produced by Bernhard Reinke at Mr B's, De Heurne, The Netherlands

Remastered at Aria Mastering, Atlanta, USA

Executive producer Double M Productions

Album artwork realized by Patrick Staal

Guitar maintenance by Harry Fuller, Gerhard Kemper and Dragan Milosevic

Guitars by Damir Sabolovic, Charlie Gelber OK Guitars, Guitarpoint, Gregor Hilden, TFOA and Erwin van Waardenburg (Guitar Company)

Special thanks for 'listening along' to Jaap Berends,

for 'thinking along' to Meijer ten Zijthoff, Onno Kelk, Ruud van Zuthem, E Hard Lubbers and Henk Bak,

for 'living along' to Gerda Brethouwer

All tracks © 2023 Double M Productions

Contrazzt Records © 2023 CON 23001

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Guitars used on this album: -----------------

1 Gibson ES-330TD ------------------------------

2 Gibson Les Paul Standard ----------------

3 Gibson ES-335TD ------------------------------

4 Gibson Les Paul Standard ----------------

5 Epiphone Broadway E252 -----------------

6 Gretsch G-3156 Streamliner --------------

7 Gibson Les Paul Junior ---------------------

8 Gibson ES-125TC ------------------------------

9 Fender Stratocaster ---------------------------

10 Fender Heartfield -----------------------------

11 Kemper 002 -------------------------------------

12 Fender Mustang ------------------------------

13 Gibson ES-325TD ----------------------------

14 Fender Heartfield ----------------------------

15 Gibson ES-125TC ----------------------------

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Amps used on this album:

* Marshall JCM 2000 TSL 122

* Career AF Tube Amp by Felleretta

* Fender Champ Silverface 70s

* Kemper Profiler Head